Prospecting Kept Simple.

Prospecting Kept Simple.

How to master the art of the “cold call”.

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If you are really serious about being a success in the sales profession, you need to master the essential skill of Cold Calling. The success formulas in Prospecting Kept Simple are tried, tested and proven to work. They are the exact same processes I and others have used to make millions in sales and at only $9.90 it?s the tiniest investment you can make and still have a realistic expectation of getting great results.  

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Believe Me, Cold Calling Is Essential…..

Let?s face it ? most people hate cold calling! I doubt that there is a single sales person alive who got into sales because they just love contacting strangers. People go into sales because of the unprecedented opportunity to earn money. There are very few professions that allow you to decide your own salary in the way that selling does. How much you end up making is all down to the effort you are prepared to invest and the techniques you are prepared to perfect. Take a quick look whats inside the book.

Chapter One.

Why People HATE Prospecting.

The reason people fail in sales or don?t make as much as they had hoped to make is because they don?t prospect and they don?t prospect because they would rather do just about anything else. If given a choice between cold calling and wrestling a crocodile, or cold calling and cleaning a public toilet with a toothbrush, or cold calling and pulling their own teeth out with a set of rusty pliers, then cold calling would lose every time.

Chapter Two.

The Prospector?s Mindset.

Overcoming fear is not easy. But it is absolutely necessary if you are to succeed in selling. As I said in the last chapter, the issue most often missing in sales training is how to effectively handle fear of cold calling. No one wants to address it because it?s actually very hard to address. People experience fear in a very private and unique way and no one likes to admit they are scared. It?s far easier to blame something else for poor performance.

Chapter Three

Target Market ? Preparing your Prospect List.

The reason prospecting is a part of the sales process that people will do almost anything to avoid, and perhaps, more importantly, can get away with doing almost anything to avoid, is because prospecting activity is rarely if ever, measured.

There is a business adage that states, ?What gets measured gets done.? Salespeople perhaps more than most are measured and their performance and results are financially linked to bonuses and incentives. The problem is that activity is not measured ? only outcomes are.

Chapter Four.

Setting an Appointment.

Prospecting in this context is about cold calling to secure an appointment. That?s it. You don?t want to sell anything or agree to send information or get into huge debates about the relative merits of your business offering, your sole mission in any prospecting call is to secure an appointment. It doesn?t matter what you?re selling, how slick your presentation is or how good a presenter you are, it doesn?t matter how good your product is or how well you know that product unless you have someone to tell your story to you?re not going to be able to sell it.

Chapter One.

Be Prepared For Every Response.

If you think about the fears that drive our dislike for cold calling, they exist largely because of uncertainty. Am I going to be rejected? Am I going to look foolish? Am I going to fail? The best and only way to remove uncertainty from the equation is to be fully and completely prepared. If you have taken the time to research your prospect list and ensure that you have the names and pronunciations correct then you?re not going to look foolish. If you have taken the time to pre-empt every conceivable response that the person you are calling could make, then you will feel more confident about being able to deliver your pitch and make an appointment.

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